5 Best Tips on how to Lose Body Fat Fast


lose body fatPeople often turn to “miracle” supplements when they do not know how to lose body fat fast, but this is not the answer and could actually cause more damage than good – especially to your wallet. You want something that will cause an impact on your body fat and shred the pounds away while also creating lean muscle gains.

If you did not know already, lean muscle is actually something you want since they actually burn calories 24/7, which should sound like an amazing gift for all the trouble you have gone through to burn away excess fat.

Regular cardiovascular training might sound like the type of thing you need, but it will only get you so far. Research has shown that regular cardio damages muscle tissues, ligaments, and tendons far more than strength training, plus it is boring and takes up a lot of your precious time. Below are 5 tips on how to lose body fat fast without the need of starvation and plain old cardio.

1) how to lose body fat fast using Proper Nutrition

If you are desperate to lose weight, then you need to start at the very basics, which is proper dieting and food consumption. Many of people turn towards fat burners with the thought that the pill works miracles. Sadly there is no such miracle pill, and every supplement for weight loss is just that – something that supplements a proper dieting program.

There really is no escaping eating healthy, and even if you did manage to lose weight your internal organs would not be healthy. You want to consume the proper amounts of nutrients from your macro’s and micro’s. Macronutrients are composed of carbohydrates, protein, and dietary fats. Carbs are your primary energy source, which you need a decent amount of in order to produce sufficient energy amounts for intense training.

There are low carb diets available that help burn fat as well, but it is more advanced and should not be performed for longer than 2 months.Protein is the building blocks of life and needed for all sorts of chemical reactions taking place within your body. The primary reason this nutrient is so popular is for its use to recover damaged muscle tissue, which then leads to growth of lean muscle mass.

You can find this in all sorts of different supplements and foods, and the best thing to do is consume both. Foods rich in protein tend to digest slower than the whey protein you find in powdered form since they have not be processed for that reason.

Dietary fats are necessary for all people – especially those burning fat rapidly or the ones on a low carb diet. A low carb diet means that your body has less energy coming from carbohydrates, so your body uses fat in place of it for energy. Great to burn fat, but consumes a lot of healthy fat nutrients.

You have to consider what types of fats are good or bad prior to sticking that particular food into your diet. For example, avocados contain plenty of healthy fats, while a franchise cheeseburger contains little of the healthy fats found in beef. Knowing how to lose body fat without losing muscle and knowing how to lose body fat and gain muscle is very important if you want to be very healthy and stay fit.

2) Turbulence Training workout

You want to exercise at least 3-4 days a week in order to get rid of that belly fat fast. The common cardio workout just is not going to cut it, so you should turn your sights onto something containing both cardio and strength training together.

The turbulence training programs is becoming one of the top methods used to lose body fat fast. The workout is intended to give you a quick, intense, and result oriented to fat lose.

The strength training portion comes from you using various types of equipment to get your muscles the resistance they require. For example, you have barbell squats, kettlebell swings, and cable pull downs in a program revolving around turbulence training.

Then for the cardio portion, you are performing these exercises at higher rates and differentiating intervals. You are not supposed to stack on heavy weight amounts since you do the exercise for long duration’s opposed to 5 repetitions.

3) Go Organic

One of the newest researches to come out of the wood works is that non-organic foods are a lot worse than what we thought. Studies show that the fruits and vegetables you eat that are non-organic contain high amounts of pesticides, which include carcinogens – the cancer causing ingredients you really do not want to consume.

Besides that, Canadian researchers have concluded that pesticides also cause excessive weight gain since they are stored within your fat cells. Organic food is honestly not cheap, but the future prevention’s are worth the price.

4) Drink Cold Water

Yes, room temperature water is better for quick digestion during training, but cold water is great for non-training hours. The recommendation is to drink 6 cups of cold water in order to speed up your resting metabolism, which means that your body is going to burn more fat throughout the day.

Water is a necessity for healthy living, and the overall amount you should consume is two ounces per pound of body weight. That sounds like a lot of water, but that is what your body honestly requires.

5) Get more Rest

If you are still seeking more ideas on how to lose body fat quickly, then take a look at your sleep cycle. You should be sleeping at least 7 hours a day in order to prevent stress from over coming your body, and this is stress that you most likely never even knew was there. Sleep deprivation has shown to cause weight gain through stress and depression, but do not over sleep either because it to causes weight gain to occur.

These are all the tips you need, and best ways to lose body fat  fast and how to lose body fat and gain muscle. Always seek medical advice if you have had any medical conditions prior to participating in intense workouts such as the turbulence training program. Eat plenty of nutritious foods, drink water, and sleep soundly in order to accomplish your fat loss goals and see the body you have always wanted to in the mirror.