The Absolute Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat Fast

burn the fatMany of people wonder if there truly is a best exercise to lose belly fat fast, and the answer to this question  is yes and you will find out why. Belly fat is one of the most difficult areas to target since you gain fat tissue in the subcutaneous layer (under the skin), and then also below the abdominal muscles, which causes them to protrude as if you were pregnant or had a “beer belly”.

Now you are facing two problem areas with the belly instead of just one, but there is a type of exercise program that will greatly assist you with fat loss and actually help you build lean muscle as well. This is the absolute best exercise for losing weight fast.

tuebulence training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This type of training is the best exercise to lose belly fat fast, and consists of a simple program that places your body in a state of fat burning due to the intensity of the workout. HIIT was created to take place of the regular old cardio that people perform on a daily basis.

Every time you hear “cardio” you picture running, riding a bike, doing sprints, etc. and never realize there is much more to it than just the basics. These exercises are better to perform when you are just starting out and easing your way into the fitness way of life, but after about 6 months you run into a problem.

That problem is your body becoming complacent since you are taking the easier way out. Sure, in the start of it all running 3 miles was an accomplishment, but now you are running for nearly two hours and not really doing much for your body besides body maintenance.

This is not going to encourage your body to burn fat because it is getting an easy life without intensity from a real belly fat exercise program. HIIT is full of exercises that burn belly fat due to its unique approach to fat burning and muscle building. There really is no special catch. Simply perform HIIT and see results that last!

What is HIIT?

turbulence-squartsThis is a training program that combines hundreds of exercises into one short, yet intense, workout that elevates your heart x3 more than regular cardio while encouraging muscle growth. The way it works is by you selecting 8-12 exercises that you will perform with either high amounts of repetitions, or for 30-60 seconds non-stop. After each exercise you have to jog to the next one and complete the cycle with no breaks ever taking place.

The interval training portion helps ease your body to where you have no need for a break during the cycle. You perform one exercise as quick and hard as possible during the time frame, then the next exercise you slow the pace down.

For example, you perform suicides for 30 seconds then move to the next station, which is pull-ups, and start to train with negative pull-ups making it harder for your body to do while also keeping you from taking a rest period.

After each full cycle of exercises you do to burn belly fat, you take a 4-5 minute break before doing two more rounds. Sounds intense right? Another similar training program that beats HIIT is known as the turbulence training which is the best exercise for belly fat burning.tuebulence training

Increase your Metabolism

Your metabolism is only able to increase with an elevated heart rate from proper training, and turbulence training comes to mind when something needs to happen for the better. This program is similar to HIIT, but is far superior when it comes to allowing your body the ability to burn fat 24/7. Yes, you can actually sleep and burn fat for a change!

The way it works is simple anatomy. Lean muscle requires calories to maintain and stay strong, so if you have plenty of lean muscle then it is possible to keep your metabolism in a state of overdrive.

Normal cardio increases your metabolism for the first few months, but once that dreaded content feeling comes in, you begin to realize you are gaining weight back onto your body! The reason is because running is just a very basic method of cardio, and some doctors even state that there are more issues with running than there is with strength training.

Remember, strength training does not mean large amounts of weight while performing small sets of repetitions. You can work on your abdomen without undue stress and that is why this method of training provides the best exercise to lose belly fat.

You want to perform a higher amount of repetitions in order to prevent this dreaded fat burning plateau, which means you have come to a stand still where no weight is being lost or gained. You can accomplish this strength training with the best exercise to lose belly fat fast that was previously discussed above.

Food Consumption

Before performing any of the exercises to burn belly fat , you want to start eating healthier and avoiding junk foods that provide little to no nutrients as part of your diet. Then you have to plan out the various meals you consume in a day. The traditional method is to eat 3 large meals a day, but this is bad information to follow. Dr. Pamela Peek states that most people overeat after the later portion of the afternoon until rest, which means that the body is not able to use these excess calories. This leads to fat gains and places you at square one where you first started.

Eat plenty of nutritious foods that contain carbohydrates, protein, and dietary fats to keep your best exercise to lose belly fat program alive and continuous. Dr. Peek also states that if you feel hungry prior to bed time, you should eat something that is only 100-150 healthy calories in order to keep the belly fat away for good.

Late night snacking becomes an issue after you have lost several pounds, so it is important that you eat properly while performing belly fat exercises on a routine basis. Ensure that you also drink plenty of water, which would be 2 ounces for every pound in your body. Warm-ups are very important as well to prevent serious injuries, so do this prior to performing HIIT or the Turbulence training program.

tuebulence training