Best Fat Burning Workout | Turbulence Training

fat burner workoutThe rates of weight gain and obesity have grown excessively over the past decade, and people are now in search of an answer to solve this dilemma. The reason is because if you have a high body fat percentage your risks of serious medical conditions doubles, and sometimes even triples. These high health risk Conditions include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer. However, implementing the best fat burning workout routine or program will help prevent these conditions from ever taking place.

tuebulence excercise

As you would find out, not all exercise programs or routines are the same when it comes to burning fat. Turbulence training workout provides one of the most efficient methods to burn fat without overstretching yourself.

The best fat burner exercise routine to consider would be one that combines cardiovascular training with strength training. This type of training increases your heart rate in order to speed up your metabolism, which is going to result in excess calories and fat being removed from your body.

Then strength training increases your lean muscle mass, which uses calories for maintenance and upkeep leading to continuous fat burning, even while your body is at rest. You can easily achieve this type of training goal if you follow the various workout procedures, listed below, and put forth the effort.

CrossFit Training to Strip the Fat Away

CrossFit is intense and places your body in a state of fat burning within minutes of starting your workout plan. Usual workouts revolve around 1-2 hours of sets with repetitions and breaks in between sets. This type of training does not allow your body the ability to go into a rest cycle, which increases your heart rate drastically and makes your muscles work in over drive to accomplish the workout causing them to go under resistance.

The type of equipment to perform CrossFit is virtually all fitness equipment that you can think of – including your own bodyweight. The way the workout works is actually simple. You choose good fat burning exercises and create stations that you have to go to after each exercise.

For example, one station is barbell squats; next would be jump roping, and then two handed front kettlebell swings. Each exercise is performed for a minute straight, and after the time has passed you jog to the next exercise station to repeat the process. Generally there are eight exercises or more, and you most likely want each go through to last 8-10 minutes.

Afterward you get a few minutes to rest and sip on fluids before starting over again. CrossFit was designed to place intense stress upon your heart – forcing your metabolism to burn away the excess fat. If you are new to training, then you have to ease your way into this type of intensity. You do not want your heart to go into shock, so run 30-60 minutes, 5 days a week for a month to safely perform the workout. You may have heard of HIIT as well, which is High Intensity Interval Training. This type of training is similar if not the same, so you can combine any information you find on the two together.

Bodyweight Training

Body weight trainingSome of the best fat burning exercises revolve around simple bodyweight training turned into an intense workout regimen. You can perform full body workout every other day since you need recovery time, and this applies to bodyweight training that places your muscles under lots of stress.

The myth is that bodyweight exercise regimens require no rest days, but you actually need the breaks if you are working your body for the purpose of fat loss. The human body cannot distinguish whether or not you used weights to train with, so it determines the increases of resistance.

You want to perform bodyweight exercises non-stop for long durations in order to achieve this higher “resistance” level, or you perform the exercises as a negative. Negatives turn a normal exercise into one that takes longer to perform, so basically you slow down the exercise in order to make your muscles go into intense resistance. Some easy bodyweight exercises that are the best for fat burning are:

• Mountain Climbers
• Pull-Ups
• Squats
• Lunges
• Arm Circles
• Pushups
• Crunches
• Leg Lifts

Take all of these and perform them for a set of 50 repetitions back to back, then take a five minute rest before you do them again. Perform three full rounds of the exercises without breaks between sets in order to keep your heart rate elevated.

Turbulence Training Workout is the New Craze

But What is Turbulence Training?

turbulence workoutIt is a newer method of training with an approach that defeats plain old cardio training. With regular cardiovascular training, you would run and run until your body is drained, and then call it a day only to end up eating plenty of recovery calories. Recovery nutrition is important, but the usual thing that happens is, you eat more than what your muscles require. You can easily gain weight instead of lose weight while on a normal cardio training program. Usually a person starts off slowly with running, but by the end of the year they end up needing to run for over 60 minutes in order to place the body under enough stress.

tuebulence excerciseThere is a major difference between regular cardio and turbulence training. Cardio would burn calories, but after that you can end up consuming about 100 more calories than what you already burned off, as research shows. “sonnevile, K.R, et al (2008)International Journal of Obesity.32, s19 -s27”, and this becomes a vicious cycle to try to burn calories which ultimately defeats the purpose of what you are trying to achieve.

Studies made in 2011 in the prestigious scientific jornal- Psychoneuroendocrinolgy also show that cardio also elevates the stress hormones in the body know as cortisol which is associated with heart disease. “(Skoluda, N., Dettenborn, L., et al. Elevated Hair Cortisol Concentrations in Endurance Athletes. Psychoneuroendocrinology. September 2011.)”
The main secret that is behind turbulence training is what is called the EPOC effect which sets your metaboolism on fire long after you have competed you exercise, about forty hrs. after your exercise workout routine. The EPOC Secret is a scientific terminology for the fat burning that one obtains after they finish exercising. The EPOC works 24 hours round the clock and that is why it is called the “afterburn” effect.

If you do it correctly, You can only take about 90 munities each week to obtain amazing results

Nutrition is Important!

The best fat burning workout routine does little or nothing for you without proper dieting. You have to eat plenty of nutritious foods to supply your body with the energy it needs to increase your metabolism and encourage growth of your soft muscle tissue. Focus on eating plenty of protein to keep your recovery process high and because protein makes your body feel full for longer durations.

Eat only enough carbs to fuel your body with energy and do not eat them prior to sleeping. Dietary fats are also important for weight loss and should not be removed from your diet.

Drink plenty of water a day, and the usual amount is 2 ounces of water per pound of weight. There use to be a different type of calculation that supports a lower amount of water consumption, but that is no longer being used. It is vital you stay hydrated during the time periods of you losing high amounts of body fat.
As you have seen, not all routine are the same when it comes to burning fat to gain lean muscle, To get the best out of your exercise routines you have to follow the best fat burning workout protocol.